Happiness is a choice. One you get to make every moment of every day.

“.. She had learnt of how staying happy could be turned into a choice. A shift in perspective, a tweaking of inner controls, a lesson in gratitude.”

“.. she had learnt the hard way to balance the worthiness of a thought with its practicality, with its compatibility with happiness. Her happiness. Their happiness.

She had learnt of how staying happy could be turned into a choice. A shift in perspective, a tweaking of inner controls, a lesson in gratitude.”

Saffron Fields & Silver Sands: Shadows & Tides
~ Journeys and Destinations ~
by: Jennifer M.


A beautifully worded piece of advice that came to me as a ray of sunshine to dispel unwarranted thoughts and feelings and remind me to try and keep control over my thoughts as much as I could.
And always choose to be happy. Because happiness is really a choice.

This is a passage from one of my favorite stories, one I go back to again and again, either to read it as a whole or to go over a few parts and chapters (which ends up with me going through the whole story most of the times if I’m being honest), because, writing and style aside, it’s a rich story, full of wisdom, life advice, as it touches topics and dilemmas that reflect struggles many of us face in our everyday lives, irrespective of where you’re from.

It gave me hope at one of the darkest times I’ve been through, and it continues to do so even today. I really hope it gets published again and for it to reach as many people as it possibly can.

Love, Zed.


That’s what I feel like living there in Fes, away from home, having to be at school everyday.. I only feel like a misfit. Like I don’t belong, like I’d rather be somewhere else, doing something absolutely different.

I lost interest in almost everything there, school feels like shit, I’m no longer motivated to lift a finger, the people around me are so not who’d I’d like to have around… and I feel lost. Only happy when I’m in my own created bubble where I’d switch on my phone and put my imagination to work while reading stories about my favorite fictional couple.

And just to be clear, I have no illusions whatsoever of someday living the kind of fairytale I read about there. I just enjoy feeling the story and connecting with it, feel whatever there is to feel, be it joy, bashfulness, goosebumps or heart constricting pain.

Now that I think about it, I guess I got so used to the constant feeling of emptiness, boredom and neglect that I don’t want to feel it any longer, so I run to my world where I could at least feel again with every new chapter that I read.

Damn, I almost forget just how great it feels when I put my thoughts into words. How clarifying and enlightening it actually is.

Inspired by: Numb (music video) by Linkin Park

Gazing stars

For each and everyone who cares to spare a look, a glimpse… they mean something different altogether. For me, staring at the starry skies has never failed to fill my soul with peace and comfort. Even during the instances when I felt absolutely alone and dejected.

Having never got a chance to meet my elder -late- sister, I grew up longing to what it would feel like to have a sister there when you need her.

Usually thinking about her would bring a little sadness to the atmosphere, but ever since I started star-gazing, I would think of her and not feel as lonely as I was before. Somehow it feels like she’s there, watching, comforting in anyway she can.

Oh well.. there. That was my story about star-gazing. What’s yours?