Hey, Zed here.

First and foremost, welcome to my “Musings”.

The idea of starting this site (or blog if you may) was my need to express thoughts that I couldn’t muster up the courage to do openly.. Thoughts only I, or the people closest to me were privy to.

But what has once started as an attempt to vent and express bottled up emotions at times and random thoughts at others, is now turning to a journal of sorts, recording the road to rediscovering myself, fighting depression and reclaiming my happiness..

I’ve been fortunate enough to have made friends who embraced me as I am, made me comfortable enough to open up and express myself freely without fear of judgement or misunderstanding.. Who are encouraging and helping me grow and improve and feel better about myself each day.

With that in mind, I’m hoping this would feel like a safe and friendly space for anyone who wants to contribute with experiences, advice, lessons or just understanding and support.

Here’s to a loving community, and hopefully family, in the making.

Inspire & Grow.

With so much love, Zed.